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Pashin Education is  engaged in   creating  and  shaping  the  future  of   young aspirants by converting their Talented  brain in to   Ignited Mind , since  last  13 years , successfully .

One such proud Ignited Mind’s golden words , about us , are as  ;

Awesome “CCNA” course format by Dharmesh Sir that made me learn quick and easy.

A lot of information packed into few weeks. Dharmesh Sir had solid examples and was knowledgeable on the topic. Nice introduction and overview to CCNA categories and process.

The class was very useful and our Dharmesh sir was very knowledgeable and skilled. He also took the time/effort to point out how the class impacted our individual professions. It made for a very personalized class while also covering all necessary information. His pleasant personality adds to the class enjoyment. I feel like he does everything he can to take care of his students.

The Dharmesh Sir was very engaging and kept the material fun and interactive. It was taught very well – from the use of props to real life examples and stories to games. Appropriate breaks throughout the day kept our minds fresh. Great class!

I really enjoyed the training and hope to be able to take more as soon as my company approves.

Thank you again for all your help.!

February 28, 2017

Our  Belief and Approach

Our Belief that Every Individual is Talented and our Approach to sharpen that talent into ignited mind , makes us different than any other typical computer classes.

Our  basic  focus is  to  provide  qualitative conceptual  tuition/coaching /training  classes  for   Diploma / Engineering / MCA / BCA  students  to students of   all Semesters in Vadodara , Gujarat.  We are  proud to have a large  successful student community of  Diploma and  Engineering , MCA and BCA in Vadodara in following streams;

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics  and Communication

Along with it we also believe to  make them industry ready . And therefore , at Pashin Education , we  provide in-depth sound practical  knowledge of Global Certifications  in CISCO – CCNA , CCNP – Routing and Switching as well as   ORACLE – JAVA .

We also train  brains  practically  in the field  of   programming.  Our  area of  expertise  , to provide  practical Computer  programming  training / tuition  in Vadodara  is as  ;

  • C
  • C++
  • Core JAVA
  • Advance JAVA
  • .Net – C# , VB.Net , ASP .Net
  • PHP
  • Android

We do believe  that for education , distant  must not be  the  problem  in today’s technological  world. And therefore  , we  also provide  ONLINE COACHING / TRAINING / TUITION  classes  to all those  who are far distant apart , with the  help of technology . Our Skype id is dharmesh.k.jadav.

Pashin  Education  sincerely  believe and implements  the  following  teaching style .

  • Passion for Students and Teaching
  • Strong Rapport with Students
  • Mentoring / Guiding  / Motivating / Inspiring
  • High Expectations 
  • Strong Knowledge of Subject Matter
  • An Engaging Personality and Teaching Style 
  • Clear Objectives for Lessons
  • Effective Discipline Skills
  • Good Classroom Management Skills
  • Good Communication with Parents
  • Knowledge of Curriculum and Standards