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    Myself  Dharmesh Jadav , is CEO of  Pashin Education   involved  passionately  for the  growth and  the spread   of Information Technology  through  Conceptual  Education to Young and Aspirant Minds.

After  competing the Graduation in the Field  of  Electronics , has  also acquired  necessary  other   career  related  milestones like  , Business Management , Computer Management  , Operation Research etc.

I am  having an  Industrial exposure  of  about 12 years  and  have  worked  in range of  National   and Multinational  companies . My immediate  last  profile  was to be  the Head  of  an IT team ,  handling  an ERP system  for  04 Plants  and  around 27 Depots.

I sincerely  believe ,  Teaching young people can be a fulfilling, yet demanding job. A combination of specific skills, knowledge and experiences are  extremely  necessary and  required to excel in this  field. Now a days  I also strongly  believe that  a Teacher  MUST  also have  , a right balance  of  ingredients  , of  being  a  Guide , Friend and a Mentor , along with  Sound   technical  and  professional  practical  approach  for  any subject .

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