Why We ?

Pashin Education  is  an  educational  institute engaged in  preparing  qualitative students  in the  field  of Informtaion Technology  , since last 12 years.  Our  range of  expertise  areas have molded large  number of   students   conceptually   to make  their  dream  reality .

The  faculty  has  enormous industrial  exposure  of around  13 yrs ., which  practically  helps a  lot to our students .

We  believe  at Pashin Education  that Education   must  be  provided  with Fun and  in frolic  environment . That is the reason ,  celebration activities  are conducted time to time  as per occasion to make  EDUCATION  STRESS FREE.

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  1. Padhiyar Hitesh KumarR / 1-27-2015 / ·

    the best class in the world
    aa sir na lidhe me atyre hu c language sikhyoo 6o
    sir hu lucky cho k tamara jeva mane sir maliyaa
    sir hu tamne promise karu cho k hu sara SPI laavise
    “diploma na 1st semester thi me tution join kariyoo 6 atyare sudhi ma maro aavo koi j daauot nathi k j DHARMESH SIR aa solve na kariyoo hoy and mane koi biju navo jaan vo hoy to pan sir badhaa student ne kechy j ex.What is network,What is computer etc. I am vry very very lucky men

  2. PADHIYAR HITESH KUMAR R / 1-28-2015 / ·

    ha sir sure hu paaku hard work karise
    khali tame mane guide karta rahejo

  3. sakshi Sharma / 7-12-2016 / ·

    It’s going to be a month I joined pashin.. Can say the best place for education.. The best place to get the perfect guideline for the future… M glad to say that I joined pashin… Sir promise u to be different … And do my study in a proper manner.. Thanks Alot sir for helping me… Sir can surely say that your way of teaching is totally perfect for all students… Thank u sir

  4. Mukesh dubey / 7-24-2016 / ·

    The techniques are very much useful to every teacher. But Sir has awesome techniques in conceptual as well as theoretical and has good information related to any topics. Last word for sir is excellent, awesome….. And pashin education is best class in the world..

  5. Dhaval Ray / 2-21-2017 / ·

    Awesome “CCNA” course format by Dharmesh Sir that made me learn quick and easy.

    A lot of information packed into few weeks. Dharmesh Sir had solid examples and was knowledgeable on the topic. Nice introduction and overview to CCNA categories and process.

    The class was very useful and our Dharmesh sir was very knowledgeable and skilled. He also took the time/effort to point out how the class impacted our individual professions. It made for a very personalized class while also covering all necessary information. His pleasant personality adds to the class enjoyment. I feel like he does everything he can to take care of his students.

    The Dharmesh Sir was very engaging and kept the material fun and interactive. It was taught very well – from the use of props to real life examples and stories to games. Appropriate breaks throughout the day kept our minds fresh. Great class!

    I really enjoyed the training and hope to be able to take more as soon as my company approves.

    Thank you again for all your help.!

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